Maou to ore no Hangyakuki Manga

Maou to ore no Hangyakuki Manga

Resumen: Suddenly transported to another world. I was called the "suitable one," he who could handle the world's strongest power, that of the "holy sword." I thought I would be using that power to make a great impact in this new world. However, the world was such that humans were abusing "monsters" and "beasts." Questioning my own convictions, I ask, is this correct? Who should I use this power for? This is the beginning of an Isekai battle fantasy! tl;dr: Isekai. Humans are genocidal bastards and enslaving demi-humans. Don't even think to sugarcoat this to the chosen one. Chosen one sides with demi-humans. :surprised pikachu face:

Maou to ore no Hangyakuki capítulo

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